Valentine’s Day 2022

A Special Offer to Help You Win Valentine’s Day

Buy 6 Bags, Get 7th Bag Free (and no shipping cost)!

Valentines Day Special Offer

Valentines Day Special OfferAs hard as it is to believe, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it (February 14th, to be exact).  I mean, I’m still getting over Christmas sneaking up on me like it did (I don’t mind when time flies, but when it hits warp speed it starts to get annoying).  But whether you’re ready for it or not (and I would wager that most guys are not in fact at all ready for it yet!) it’s going to happen.  And if you want a great gift for your someone special, I have a plan!  And yes, of course the plan involves nuts from Sweet Almande.  All great gift giving plans do, after all! And in this instance, we have a special deal for Valentine’s Day shoppers coming up.  While you can certainly give your sweetheart any of our almond, pecan or cashew flavors, chocolate seems to have a special affinity to Valentine’s Day.  So, in recognition of that special link to that special day, we at Sweet Almande are having a special sale.  If you buy any six bags of chocolate flavors (just hit the SHOP on our website and select the CHOCOLATE tab), you get a seventh bag free (but it has to be a selection from the chocolate page).   You will need to enter the coupon code VALCHOC2022” to get this discount. And to make it even better, this will get you over the $40.00 free shipping threshold as well. And since we use Priority Mail, they should get there in two to three days!  Now, our thought process for this offer is that it gives you an opportunity to let your special someone try seven different chocolate flavors (always assuming that you give them all seven bags – we know full well that one or two of the seven bags may somehow disappear before Valentines Day!), but if you really, really want to make all seven bags the same flavor, who are we to deny you.  After all, we all have our favorites!   Just so you know what to expect when you hit the chocolate shopping page, our chocolate flavors are:

  • Chocolate (for those who don’t want their chocolate adulterated by any other flavors).
  • Chocolate Mint (I use a really good peppermint oil for the mint flavor, and I usually get the chocolate first, and then the mint).
  • Chocolate Raspberry (as with most of the fruit and chocolate combos, the fruit comes first and then the chocolate).
  • Chocolate Orange (my personal favorite of the chocolate flavors. If you’ve ever had those chocolate oranges that you get during the holidays, then you’ll have a good idea of how these taste.)
  • Chocolate Cherry (a great combination of cherry and chocolate – what more can you ask?).
  • Chocolate Toffee (maybe our best-selling chocolate flavor. It’s hard to go wrong with this flavor combination).
  • Hot Chocolate (for those who like a little spice in their life! Cocoa with just a bit of a spicy kick to it. I usually get the chocolate first, and then a little bit of heat from the chili at the very end of the flavor.

Between our chocolate flavors and all of our other choices, you should be able to find something that will make a great gift for that special day.  Unless your special someone is allergic to nuts, of course – then you’ll just have to buy them for yourself! Here’s hoping that you all have a great Valentine’s Day, and that 2022 is a really good year for us all!


Bruce Telford 

1 Bag - No Discount

2 Bags - $1 each

3+ Bags - $1 each