Recipe Research, New and Old

Given that in the past we have normally come up with a new flavor every year or so, I thought that I’d let all of you who occasionally ask “any new flavors?” what’s going on in the Research and Development Department.  We are working on a few possibilities for new flavors, but a lot of my time recently has been spent on revamping some of our current recipes. We’ve been experimenting with new extracts, oils and flavorings to see if we can improve some of our original flavors, and I think that we’ve definitely had some success.  So, without further ado, here are some of the flavors that we’ve been working to improve, and when you can expect to see them for sale online and at our markets and events.

We’ve been working on three of our spicy flavors, trying to up the heat a bit and enhance the flavor profiles.  Our Sweet Chili flavor is still on the mild side, but we’ve boosted the flavor a bit by adding a chili sauce (which one is a secret!) to the glaze. We’ve also increased the heat level for our Wing Nut and Smoky Hot Chipotle recipes, while maintaining a great flavor to go with the heat. The Wing Nuts are still a nice medium (with a bit more kick) and the Smoky Hot Chipotle is more on the hot side than it was before, but they’re still not ridiculously hot.  I’m afraid that those of you who want inferno level almonds are just going to have to wait until we can get a better ventilation system in our commercial kitchen!

Some of our other flavors are also getting a flavor boost. I finished revising the Blueberry Crumble flavor about four months ago, and I’ve got to say that the new and improved version has become my new overall favorite.  The new version has been out for a few months now, and has had a great response from our customers.  A few other flavors that will be getting a makeover soon are the Cinnamon Cappuccino (it will have a more pronounced coffee flavor and should be available soon), and the Wild Strawberry.  The Wild Strawberry flavor is going to take a bit longer to be released (probably 2-3 months), but it’s going to be worth the wait!

I hope that this explains why there haven’t been any new flavors recently, and that you’re all looking forward to trying the “new and improved” recipes that we’ve been working on.

Thanks Much,

Bruce Telford

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