Cooking with Sweet Almande Slivered Almonds!

For those of you who have never noticed, Sweet Almande roasts slivered almonds in our savory and spicy flavors as well as whole almonds. The main reason we do this is that while you can use whole almonds for salads or other dishes, a whole almond in a salad can be a surprise for the teeth, and we don’t want to be the cause of any of our customers needing a new crown! Slivered almonds still have a nice crunch without being too much for your teeth, and they add a lot of flavor as well.

And so without further ado, here are the flavors of slivered almonds we make and some of my favorite things to do with them!

Roasted Garlic Slivered Almonds: A customer favorite, these can be sprinkled on salads or green beans for a nice crunch and a great garlic flavor. They are also great on sautéed zucchini or yellow squash (because let’s face it, both of those veggies need a bit of help when it comes to the flavor department). They can also be sprinkled on salmon or trout filets, and some of our customer will pass them at the table to put on a pasta dish. And they are quite nice on asparagus, broccoli, and most other veggies as well.

Sweet Onion Teriyaki Slivered Almonds: Possibly my favorite savory flavor, these slivered almonds are of course great on salads (especially with a sesame ginger dressing) and veggies. In addition, they are remarkable good sprinkled on fried rice or a nice stir fry. They give a nice crunch and a burst of flavor that compliments both dishes.

Sweet Chili Slivered Almonds: With a nice chili flavor and a mild heat, these slivered almonds work well with all the usual suspects – salads, veggies, etc. However, I also like to sprinkle them on enchiladas or tamales for a bit of a crunch, and they are great on cilantro or Mexican rice dishes.

Wing Nut Slivered Almonds: More on the medium side with a hot with sweet spicy flavor, these are also a killer addition to a salad (try them in a salad with some left-over rotisserie chicken and a blue cheese dressing!). We also like to make a blue cheese ball and roll it in the Wing Nut slivered almonds, or just stuff some celery pieces with blue or cream cheese and put some of them on top of the cheese. Try this with some creamy goat cheese for a real taste treat.

Smokey Hot Chipotle Slivered Almonds: A bit more on the spicy side than the Wing Nut slivered almonds, these do really well on a salad with a southwest dressing, with maybe some green chilis or a few sliced, pickled jalapenos. Also good on enchiladas, tamales, and rice dishes, they give that crunch and a bit more heat than the Sweet Chili slivered almonds.

As you can see, our slivered almonds have many tasty uses, and there are probably more that we have not tried. If you have a dish you like to use them on that I have not mentioned, please let us know and perhaps I will mention them the next time I write about them.

Here is hoping that we all enjoy a wonderful New Year,

Bruce Telford

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