That’s right folks – just because fall is almost upon us doesn’t mean that fresh produce stops coming in, or that the Farmers Markets stop happening.  The markets go through October, and though some produce will go away before then, there will still be squash, pumpkins, and other fall vegetables.  And it’s looking like there should be fresh Palisade peaches through September this year, which is great.  And even when the peaches are gone there will be fresh plums and apples – great for snacking and for pies, cobblers, etc.!

Where To Buy

Corn should be in season for quite awhile still as well, and melons from Rocky Ford are still at the markets, plus all sorts of other fresh veggies.  And if you’re going to be grilling any burgers for Labor Day, you can get all the fixings (lettuce, fresh tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes, and Colorado sweet onions) at the market.  And then there are all the food items that make the farmers market a great place to shop – like just baked cookies and macarons, fresh baked break from Styria bakery (best bread in Colorado!), and of course almonds, pecans and cashews from us!  Plus, there’s all sorts of other great food items, from sausage to green chili to salsa and more.  At the Saturday Southwest Plaza market, you can even sample spirits from Whistling Hare distillery or wines from Avanti winery.

And if your pantry and your freezer are full, there are always the nonfood items to check out.  Clothing, artwork, hand crafted woodwork – you can even get your knives sharpened!  And there’s plenty of food vendors at the market if you want to grab a quick meal before you leave.

So, if you have some free time from now through October, think about coming to the market to visit us and to check out all the great Colorado produce and products.  You can support Colorado farmers and small businesses while having a great time and going home with all sorts of cool stuff! 

Thanks much, and hope to seek you at the markets!

Bruce Telford

Sweet Almande

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