Thinking Outside the Box of Chocolates

We Have Something for Just About Everyone

This time of year, our thoughts turn to ways to please our loved ones for Valentine’s Day.  And often, the first things we think of are chocolates.  After all, not only is a box of chocolates somewhat traditional, but also – how can you go wrong with chocolate!  

Valentines Day snack gift

Well, let me count the ways.  First, if your significant other is trying to stay healthy, chocolates won’t help them achieve that goal (and it won’t help the waistline either).  And second, if they’re allergic to dairy, dairy-free chocolate leaves a lot to be desired in the taste department.  Unless, of course, you get them some of the many chocolate flavors of almonds or pecans from Sweet Almande!

We have several flavors of chocolate almonds, and despite the sugar they are still pretty darned good for you.  Almonds and pecans are both great sources of good fats, and they have lots of other great health benefits as well.  And since we use a remarkably good organic cocoa powder (which in itself is also good for you), we are completely dairy free as well.  Perhaps most importantly, they are a bit of decadent crunchy chocolate heaven – in other words, they taste fantastic.

As for flavors, well – we have something for just about everyone.  For the best classic chocolate flavor I’d recommend the Chocolate almonds or pecans, or perhaps the Hot Chocolate flavor – cocoa with just a hint of chili.  You get the chocolate flavor first, and at the very end of the flavor a bit of heat from the peppers.  Not too much, but enough to notice it (the Hot Chocolate pecans on vanilla, chocolate or even coffee ice cream is exceptional.  You get the heat from the chili to play against the cold from the ice cream, and Oh My!  It may not be legal, it’s that good – but I won’t tell if you won’t!).

The rest of the chocolate flavors take the basic chocolate and pair it with complimentary flavors.  There’s the Chocolate Orange flavor (one of my favorites), the Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Cherry and Chocolate Toffee (our newest recipe).  Hard to choose amongst them all, I know – but I suppose you could always get them one of each!

And remember when you’re trying to decide on a flavor, all of the chocolate flavors are available in both almonds and pecans, so try and recall which type of nut your sweetheart likes best.  And if you had planned on making a decadent dessert of some type for your one and only, try sprinkling some of the chocolate pecans on top of it.  We have enough flavors that you should be able to come up with something that compliments your masterpiece with no problems at all!  

Or, if simplicity is your sweetheart’s idea of a perfect Valentine ’s Day, Champagne with a few Chocolate Raspberry Pecans to munch on after dinner while enjoying a movie night in might just be the key to their heart.

And, if you really want to think outside the box, especially if your sweetheart is not fond of chocolate or champagne, we have many other flavors that pair well with several types of wines, or even beer, if that is your chosen one’s favorite celebratory drink of choice. 

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s not the same old, same old – but whatever you decide to do, enjoy the day and the time spent with your loved one. 

 Happy Valentine’s Day from Sweet Almande!

Bruce & Beth Telford 

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