Holiday Flavors Are Available!

Not sure how it got to be October already, but here we are. And of course, as of the first of October our holiday flavors are available.

Both the Hot Buttered Rum and the Eggnog flavors are ready or in person sales at our markets and holiday shows, as well as for online sales. They’re both available in almonds, pecans and cashews, but remember – they’re only available until the end of December, so get them while you can! Because if the rest of this year goes as fast as the past nine months have gone, it will be Halloween tomorrow, Thanksgiving next week and Christmas before we know it! And speaking of the holiday season – our holiday flavors (or any of our other 30 flavors) make great snacks for Halloween parties, as well as the other holidays rushing towardsEgg Nog and Hot Buttered Rum Flavors us. And they make great host and/or hostess gifts for all the parties and family gatherings that you’ll be attending as well. As for Thanksgiving, you should check out our recipes page on our website for some great ideas for holiday treats, and of course they make great gifts as well! Just this short holiday flavors reminder blog this month, but next month I’m planning on an article on all the great recipes that you can put together with our almonds, pecans and cashews for the holiday season. And yes, I know that getting them home is not always easy, much less keeping them around long enough to cook with them. But remember, they are freezable, and I promise, it’s worth the extra effort!

Thanks and Happy Halloween!

Bruce Telford

1 Bag - No Discount

2 Bags - $1 each

3+ Bags - $1 each