Fathers day and nuts

Fathers Day and Other Good Reasons to Buy Nuts!

Well folks, June is just full of reasons to buy almonds, pecans and cashews (preferably from us, of course!).  First and foremost, of course, is Fathers Day (June 20th).  Unless your Dad is allergic to nuts, then Sweet Almande has a really large selection of almonds, pecans and cashews just waiting for him.  And given the really large number of flavors we have available, you should be able to find something that he’ll like.  After all, in at least one respect, guys are easy to shop for.  If it’s edible and they like it, they’re happy!

Really though, if Dad likes spicy, we have what he’s looking for, from mild to hot (Hot Chocolate and Sweet Chili for mild, Wing Nuts for medium and Smokey Hot Chipotle for hot).  Plus, of course, we have the classic Cinnamon Crunch flavor (and the co-best seller, Vanilla Brown Sugar), both available in almonds, pecans and cashews.  Add in a host of fruit, chocolate and savory flavors and you’re bound to find something that he likes!

And if you’ve already got Fathers Day taken care of, then hey, there’s plenty of other special occasions that can serve as an excuse to get some nuts.  Our ever-efficient government has come up with a whole list of various “National This That and the Other” days, and many of them can easily be taken as a reason to have some of our nuts!

For example:

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (6/7). The perfect excuse to get some Chocolate Orange or Chocolate Raspberry (or any of our other chocolate flavors, for that matter) to put on top of your chocolate ice cream.  Personally, I really like the Hot Chocolate pecans on ice cream – you get that great chocolate pecan flavor, and then that little bit of heat from the chili to play against the cold from the ice cream.  So much fun!

National Fudge Day (6/16).  Another chocolate pecans day?  If you want – but most of our fruit flavors would work really well with fudge also.  And I kind of like the crunch of the almonds with fudge as well.  Personally, I think the Blueberry Crumble almonds would be really great with a nice chocolate fudge!

National Cherry Tart Day (6/17).  Well, this is an easy one – try some Cherry Amaretto or some Chocolate Cherry Pecans on a nice cherry tart.

National Peaches and Cream Day (6/21).  Another easy one!  The Colorado Peach almonds or pecans will be a great way to celebrate this one.  And while Colorado Peaches won’t be ready yet, the almonds and pecans will make a good stand in, especially with some natural peach ice cream!!

National Pecan Sandies Day (6/23).  Well now – I’d say just about any of our pecan flavors would work well for this day as an accompaniment to some nice pecan sandies (a great cookie, by the way).  Well, maybe not the spicy or savory ones, but hey – it all depends on what you like!

National Onion Day (6/27).  Well, the Sweet Onion Teriyaki has got to be the go to here.  Try the slivered almonds in a salad, or (even better) on fried rice.  Give it a nice crunch and a real pop of flavor!

National Almond Buttercrunch Day (6/29).  No, we didn’t slip this one into the list, but hey, what a great day to buy some almonds!  Honestly, any of our flavors can be used to celebrate this day – just go to our website and see what strikes your fancy! Well, if Fathers Day and all of the various government “Special Days” don’t give you a reason to buy some nuts, then I can only assume that you’ve already stocked up and you just don’t need any more right now.  But remember – you know where to find us when they’re gone!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there, and thanks again for coming out to the farmer’s markets to support us (or ordering online, for that matter).  And have a great June!

– Bruce Telford

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