Cheers to March

Nut Pairings for March Celebrations

March brings — along with a strange mixture of Spring and Winter weather — many excuses to get together with friends or relatives, especially now that vaccines for Covid 19 are becoming more and more available.  And with baseball season starting (yes, already!),  and March Madness on the horizon, there are even more reasons to enjoy each other’s company – and perhaps have a few malted, fermented beverages (with some nuts!) at the same time.

While you can of course celebrate any of the March events without any alcoholic beverages at all, today I’m going to talk about some of the beers that pair particularly well with our nut flavors (some of them go remarkably well with wine as well, but that will be a different blog article!).  During the colder part of the year, stouts and porters are especially popular, and we have several flavors that will go well with these heavier brews.  If you’re preferred a stout or porter has coffee notes, then our Cinnamon Cappuccino almonds, pecans or cashews will be just what’s called for.  And if your porter or stout has more of a chocolate flavor, then try our Chocolate almonds or pecans.  Sounds odd, but tastes great.

If instead of the heavier beers you’re looking for something on the lighter side, the fast-approaching spring weather calls for a nice German inspired wheat beer.  And if your preferred brand has some banana notes to it, then I would absolutely recommend our Banana Nut almonds, pecans or cashews to go with it.  And whether you’re drinking a dark beer, ale, a lager or an IPA, our savory and spicy nuts will go with any of them.  

On the spicy side my favorite would be the Wing Nuts.  Glazed with a wing sauce they come in at a nice medium on the heat level, and the wing flavor goes great with pretty much any of the beers.  On the salty side, you really can’t go wrong with either the Hickory Smoke almonds or the Roasted Salted Cashews.  Personally I like to mix the two together for the best of both worlds.

However you decide to enjoy March, we hope that you try some of our almonds, pecans or cashews to go along with your Saint Patrick’s Day meals, and with any other celebrations or gatherings you may have.

Have a great March, and an even better springtime once it rolls in!   

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