Back to School Snacks

Back to School Snacks!  We’ve Got Them!

Well, it’s about time for school to start again, and one thing parents need to start thinking about (in addition to school supplies and the sweet possibility of some peace and quiet, of course), is what type of snack to get for the kids.  Whether it be a snack between classes or something special for lunch, there are a lot of choices out there.  Of course, we like to think that we have some of the better snack choices, especially for students.

healthy back to school healthy snacks

healthy back to school healthy snacks

A lot of snacks are either pure sugar or loaded with empty carbs.  The sugar gives a sugar rush – but then a sugar crash hits and they get tired, which is the last thing you need while you’re listening to a lecture or trying to comprehend the endless fun that is mathematics.  And, of course, the carbs taste great but don’t do anything to keep you awake and alert either.

Ah, but our Sweet Almande nuts, while they do have sugar and carbs, also have protein and some great vitamins as well.  And the great thing about that is that because of the protein you don’t get that sugar crash!  You still get that little burst of energy, but not that “oh, is it nap time now” feeling!  Which when faced with trying to understand what the heck a dangling participle is, can be key (I never could understand why the participle was dangling in the first place – pick yourself up and get on with it for heaven’s sake!).  And if you have a picky eater to try and find a snack for, remember that we have almonds, pecans and cashews to choose from – and in enough flavors that you’re almost certain to find something that will please.  Of course, if they don’t like nuts then we’re not the choice for you – though I’ve found that if someone who doesn’t like nuts is ever going to like them, then we’re likely to be the exception to the rule.

At any rate, let’s all hope for a great school year, and that everyone finds all of those school supplies (and snacks) without any problems.

– Bruce Telford

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