Back to School Again!

Good Lord, it’s August already.  Which, in addition to still more rather warm days, also means – back to school time!  Bad news for (some) kids and blessed release for (most) parents.  But, once school starts, comes the continuing problem of what sort of snack to give the school bound students.  You want something healthy, but it has to be tasty as well or it’s liable to wind up in a trashcan, or be traded for Lord knows what.  But of course, most of the tastiest and most popular snacks – chips, candy, etc. – are nowhere near good for you.  What to do, what to do…

Surprise!  We have a suggestion!  Almonds and pecans, and to a somewhat lesser extent, cashews, are good for you.  Even with sugar on the outside, they’re still way healthier than most of the more popular choices, and even the sugar isn’t all bad.  For example, Sweet Almande almonds, pecans and cashews, because of the sugar that they contain, will give a student that little bit of sugar fueled energy that will keep them studying when they get tired, or awake in a particularly dull class.  But because of the protein in the nuts, they won’t get that unfortunate sugar crash that most candy can cause.  So, energy but no sleepiness, unless of course the teacher is incredibly boring, of course.  After all, we can supply the energy – we just can’t do much about the teachers!

Plus, to help combat the dreaded “I’m bored with that snack, I want something else” blues, we have so many flavors that you are almost certain to find something to satisfy your pickiest eaters.  Fruit flavors, chocolate, spicy, cinnamon, we have tons of things for your child to try, and in three different types of nuts, to boot.  Of course, if they just flat out don’t like nuts, well, we can’t do much about that.  Although, I will say that we have had some “I hate nuts” converts once they have tried ours.  For some odd reason, the Watermelon almonds seem to win over most kids who aren’t entirely sure about the whole nuts thing, but you can never tell.  It could be the Wild Strawberry or the Chocolate Toffee flavor that does the trick.  Or something completely different.  You just never know, but when it comes to options, we’ve got them!

At any rate, we wish you and your children the very best of luck with the upcoming new school year.  May get the classes they want, may their teachers be interesting, and may their grades be great!


Bruce Telford

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