Chocolate with a bit of spice – very nice!

Our take on a spicy Mexican hot chocolate!  Made with organic cocoa powder, you get the great chocolate flavor first, and then at the very end of the flavor just a bit of heat.  Enough spice to be enjoyable but not enough to make you regret your decision!  If you’ve ever seen the movie Chocolat, that was the inspiration for this recipe (and it’s a great couple’s movie to enjoy with the Hot Chocolate almonds or pecans!).  And the Hot Chocolate pecans on vanilla or chocolate ice cream turn plain old ice cream into a company dessert!  You not only get the lovely chocolate pecan flavor, but you get that little bit of heat from the chilies to play against the cold of the ice cream.  Superb!

Dairy free, Gluten free, Soy free, Corn free

Available in Almonds or Pecans